LivingLovingLife  was founded by SirMilesDavis and Cynthia Bettis.  The company was formed in 2010 after a shared excursion abroad rendered both incapable to ever work inside a cubicle again.  Their remedy was to establish a company that integrated a list of all the things they love about life – so that they would never have to go back to “work”.

Miles and Cynthia continue to grow their list and are looking for kindred spirits to join the cause.

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SirMilesDavis (Co-Founder):  Lead Photographer

He’s had more years on earth with camera in hand than without!  Miles loves photography.  Like a favorite pair of worn-in jeans, it just makes him feel good.This same organic charm expresses itself in Miles’ work again and again.  A playful candid here, a flood of natural light there, or find an unexpected crop to make a picture uniquely its own.  His motivating muse:  capturing the story.  Sometimes it’s oozing out of the moment and he just has to be there, hands ready to fill as many buckets of life as one man can carry.  Other times the narrative has to be coaxed out from hiding, where his patient spirit and watchful eye will be masterfully rewarded in the end.  Either way, our maverick does not play favorites.  From high profile fashion campaigns, to simple candlelit family settings, and all the roads in between.  Miles is eagerly waiting to both share in and capture the experience.

With a BA in Fine Arts from FIT, Miles’ definitive education comes from the streets of his native playground, New York City, where he still lands his feet in-between adventures. Follow him on Twitter @sirmilesdavis or discover his full commericial portfolio at

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